Sue Ellen & Patrick

October 10, 2016

I always get nervous meeting clients for the first time because it is pretty much like going on a blind date. I had previously chatted with Sue Ellen on the phone and we hit it off right away, but the first time I was going to meet her and her fiancé, Patrick, was at their engagement session a few weeks ago. And in true first date fashion, I arrived far too early… So I decided to meander through Montrose Harbor to scope out my favorite spots and to discover some new ones I haven’t photographed at before. As I was walking around, I could tell pretty quickly that this session was going to be awesome. The weather was great, the lighting was even better, there was a gentle breeze off the lake, and all of the wildflowers were still in bloom. It was one of those beautiful September evenings that reminds me why I live in Chicago, and I got incredibly excited to start taking photos. 

Then I met Sue Ellen and Patrick, and I got even more excited. This couple is so personable and charismatic, and they were all about going with the flow. At one point, I asked Sue Ellen, “I know you have heels on, but how do you feel about climbing into that wooded area over there? There are some thorny plants and a lot of bugs, but I’m pretty sure there’s no poison ivy.” I don’t think I had even finished my question before they were waist deep in foliage and ready to start taking photos. They were so trusting of my vision, they never stopped smiling, and they laughed at all of my stupid jokes. In other words, they are a photographer’s dream client. 🙂

All in all, it was a truly perfect evening. I went home that night feeling so grateful for the job I have and the wonderful clients that I get to meet along the way. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to capture memories for so many amazing people, all of whom help me grow both as a person and as a photographer, whether they know it or not. Sue Ellen and Patrick, I am so happy our paths have crossed, and I cannot wait to photograph your wedding next summer! 


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