Marissa & Ryan

November 6, 2017

When I first met with Marissa and Ryan, every detail that they told me about their upcoming wedding left me more and more excited to photograph their day. Not only are they an awesome couple, but they are also hosting their reception on Ryan’s family’s property in Big Rock. I absolutely love when I have the opportunity to work somewhere that is special and unique to that couple, because so many aspects of the location and its surroundings hold certain memories or significance to them. So when they suggested that we do their engagement photos on the property as well, I was thrilled that I get to photograph them in this one-of-a-kind setting TWICE! I cannot get over how gorgeous all of this scenery is (I love greenery if you haven’t noticed!), and more importantly, how beautiful these two are together… I cannot wait to go back for their wedding next June! Until then, enjoy a preview of their engagement session below. 🙂



M&R-020.jpg M&R-024.jpg M&R-027.jpg M&R-025.jpg M&R-019.jpg M&R-067.jpg M&R-059.jpg M&R-079.jpg M&R-075.jpg M&R-081.jpg M&R-048.jpgM&R-045.jpgM&R-090.jpg M&R-085.jpg M&R-088.jpg

  1. […] The celebration took place on the property that Ryan grew up on, which is also where we took their engagement photos last October. Every little detail was creative—They used herbs as their centerpieces, had a […]

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